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Step-by-step guide:
First step:
  1. Artist starts* a Request of an exact sum he wants to receive for the artwork. He also sets the rules of what he will do and won't do for the price.
  2. Registered members submit their ideas. They read the rules thoroughly to understand if their Idea would fit the rules. Then add THREE TYPES of tags: at least one character + at least one category (anime/manga/cartoon/game title) + any "common" tag (like sex position or fetish) to describe the Idea. FOR EXAMPLE: "Naruto" + "Tsunade (Naruto)" + "blowjob"
  3. Artist gets informed of the Idea, checks if it suits his rules and either accepts or rejects the Idea.
Second step:
  1. In order to be created, the Idea should gain the minimum sum requested by the Artist. The Idea might even exceed the required sum.
  2. Registered members can vote for any Idea in the list using EVs. Once the Idea reach requested sum the Artist receives a notification.
  3. A few Ideas might reach the requested sum simultaneously, the one collected higher sum will be processed first by the Artist.
  4. If several members vote simultaneous, the list will update automatically to display "live" positions. To check if the positions have changed use the "Refresh" link under each Request.
Third step:
  1. Artist checks the first Idea from the list (the one reached required price) and should tell of how long it will take for the Idea to be created. He will be given 72 hours to set the time for creation (possible options are: 3, 5, 7, 15 or 30 Days for the Idea to be created).
  2. If the Artist fails to set the price during the 72 hours, the Request gets closed and all collected sums from all Ideas will return back to members. Artist would have to open a new Request in order to use the Requests section of Website.
  3. Once the result of the Winning Idea is created and uploaded, its Idea will disappear from the list.
  4. If another Idea already reached the requested sum, it would be taken into action (as in the third step).
* Artist might close the reqest at any moment, the collected sums will be returned back to user accounts in that case.

BeeWhyOhBee's Request
Requested: 500 / Collected: 500
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Danganronpa orgy of hope and despair

Makoto x Sayaka in a cowgirl position while fondles both her boobs.
Hina x hiro in a doggy style position while kissing each other.
Komaru x Nagito in a stand carry position with komaru's leg's up.
Yukizome x kyosuke in a spoon position while sucking her big boobs.
Chiaki x Hajime in a reversed cowgirl position.

Location: Hope's peak trial room.
Izuku x Xenovia in missionary and kissing, Leone x Blake in a scissors both are kissing and Leone is grabbing Blake's right side boob and Blake is grabbing Leone hair, Allen x Mio are in a cowgirl and are kissing Mio's hands are on Allen's face with his curse left hand on Mio's butt, Soma x Erine in stand up position and making out and Maxwell x Senel Coolidge are tongue battle while in reverse cowgirl everyone is blushing and nude title is called Compassion of Grace.
Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia doing a footjob like this: External

Milla is wearing her normal outfit with her breasts out, revealing her sexy pink nipples while gloating with a lewd (sexy, no ahegao) expression on her face and licking her right nipple, both her finger nails and her toenails are polished in pink color!
Some ideas about Chun-Li dressed and (where possible) combed like another character:

Chun-Li X Poison dressed and combed as each other, with Chun-Li kneeled down while sucking Poison's cock
Chun-Li (dressed and combed like Laura in "Bonita" costume) X Sean/Ryu/Ken/Vega, with her posing like Laura in character selection's screen while being palpated (hands inside her shirt) and fucked from behind
Chun-Li X Dhalsim, with her "dressed" and with her face painted like him while being raped from behind by his cock in a tentacle rape style. (attached reference from a doujin)
Chun-Li X E. Honda, with her "dressed" and with her face painted like him while being fucked during his bearhug
Chun-Li X Andy Bogard, with her dressed and combed like Mai Shiranui (even with her fan if possible) while being fucked from behind (she should be leaned forward to offer a clear vision of her breasts)

Chun-Li should have a sad and/or suffering face, with her hair down (not reprising Battle costume's hairstyle) while cosplaying male characters. Animations in addition to drawings would be welcome.
Lucy was Wendy sucking her breats while she is fingering her pussy

Lucy was an excitment face while Wendy is cry, there both fully naked, Wendy has here hand and fets tied up, you can put some milk spilling out of Wendy's mouth
Ryuko Matoi (KLK) riding Mako Mankanshoku (KLK), artist preference for duta or strapon

Ryuko in one of. Her. Powered up forms and Mako in her 2 stat uniform
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